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Ciao! Chia's Diary #16
Oh dear, I cannot believe I never told you all how I met my dear Carey. It was funny because the two of us didn't think that we'd ever fall for each other as we were too different. With my behavior of being so...well as he puts it храбрый which is brave in Russian compared to his more cautious side. We still remember the day we met which was a fluke back when we were both in college. He was studying to be a veterinarian and I was studying culinary arts before I went to the police academy. It was almost a love at first sight in a way, we instantly clicked like it was almost as if fireworks went off in our hearts. Almost like the gods and goddesses above created us to be made for each other. 
It was the start of my junior year when we met. I had decided to stop in the bookstore to pick up a snack and buy some school supplies. While I was standing near the notebooks I could hear the sound of an accented voice. It at first
:iconvirtualchiara:VirtualChiara 3 3
Ciao! Chia's Diary #15
Going through some boxes that Carey and I keep in the attic of our house I found some old photo albums that mammina gave to me during my 18th birthday. I hadn't looked through them in a long time since I misplaced them in the move. I am surprised that I never sat down to look through them but I am a little glad I did even if I spent three hours sobbing from the flood of memories coming back to me. I know that many people probably know this already but for those of you who don't, I shall explain a few things. 
My mammina isn't really my mammina, but rather she is my adoptive mother that took me in when I was 14 years old. I lost my biological parents in a traffic accident. I only remember someone pulling me out of the car and then the hospital. My real parents however didn't make it out so I was an orphan for twenty-four hours until I was taken in by my current mammina. It wasn't much of a memory that I care to remember as it hurts so much to know I was almost alone in the world ha
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Here's about my life after I got married and had those three daughters, one of whom is here with me in Chronophontia :D

BTW, my maiden name was di Tommaso!  (One of those blatant facts that managed to escape me, since unfortunately all I can remember is what Tom :iconchronophontes: remembers ... but, fortunately, I can help him remember things! :D)

Well anyway, boyfriend Bob came and went, with no hard feelings.  (That I'm aware of!  I have a notion that he was looking at another girl...and I was most certainly looking at another guy: the eternally famous and blessed Tim Trable!)

As I'd mentioned, he was a "Black Irishman" - not African-Irish, I haven't heard of that combination - but an Irishman with a dark complexion.  As he explained to me, he was descended from the Firbolg, the original people of Ireland, before those blond and redheaded foreigners invaded (the Gaels and Vikings, not to mention the @#$%^& English).

Well anyway, I was in love in an instant, as you might well imagine .   Poor Bob got dropped in an instant :( :kiss:.

Wonderfully, Tim was something of a photographer too, though he never made claims to being an artist.  He took lots of pictures of his wife, including some nice nude ones  and - Tom got clever with that last one to make it stereo!)

And then came the girls!  Dear Phyllis and Phoebe and of course our Penny, whom you know as Pandora… .  And the move from New York to Omaha - Tim got transferred when Phyllis was a baby.  I dreaded "The Sticks" at first, but I learned to love it.  And I even learned to talk Midwestern when I needed to!  (I still prefer my New York accent though.)

We lost Tim when Penny was about 8, and Phyllis and Phoebe were pre-teens.  I took up the life of a single mother!  I was tough both with myself and the girls - they stayed in the Catholic school that Tim and I had put them into, though paying the tuition was sometimes VERY hard.  And I did not let those girls fool around!  (One of the advantages of a Catholic girls' school was that there weren't so many opportunities.)

Phyllis and Phoebe were as little trouble as could be.  I think they understood that Mamma was doing both Mamma's and Daddy's work combined!  But little Penny was not always so easy to deal with. ( - Tom dreamed this, so some of the background is off - but the scene really happened!  More than once! :()

But they all grew up.  Phyllis and Phoebe married and had kids, so I'm a grandmother now! :D - Penny says she doesn't want children, but I have wondered about the depth of her resolution in that regard...

:iconvirtualpandora:  Don't WORRY about it, Mom.  I will when I'm ready, and no sooner. :D

But the most wonderful thing I have to admit about Penny is that she was here in Chronophontia when I decided to come here.  I was tired of being a Proper Mamma, as I had felt I had to be for all those years.  Poor Penny was frankly somewhat shocked at what naughtiness her OWN MOTHER was capable of!  But, as you dear people know by now, I had ALWAYS been quite capable of naughtiness, only I turned it off during the girls' childhood.  

:iconvirtualpandora:  And I GOT USED TO IT.  I love my mamma, as I always have - and in fact it's a joy to know that she can learn from me, just like I learned so much from her!

Aww, thank you, honey!  I HAVE learned a lot from you!  I always knew that loving and naughtiness didn't conflict, but you've shown me how VERY MUCH they don't conflict!

So that brings us up to the present, or at least until I came to Chronophontia.  I'm sure I'll have lots more to say, but who knows when?

BTW, don't forget to say hello to my Chronophontian friends: :iconchronophontes: :iconvirtualshirley: :iconvirtualnatasha: :iconvirtualjeannine: :iconvirtualeuthanasia: :iconvirtualaisha: :iconvirtuallisette: ... not to mention my dear daughter :iconvirtualpandora:!

I Love NY by l8 America Stamp by l8 Italy Stamp by l8 Brooklyn Dodgers Stamp by nascarstones Purple by Stampernaut Glasses stamp by Saga-kupo Spring Stamp by Kezzi-Rose My Rock by stuck-in-suburbia I'm from Italy (South Italy) by Iloveyoukisshu My Blue Sky by yumi-honamaru Collab: I love Music by IceXDragon I love to cuddle by pjuk Stamp - Don't Be HATING by Moony92   M.I.ITA by gammarco I Believe in Love by AryPR  <da:thumb id="505658753"/>
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  • Reading: Tom&#039;s silly stuff, over his shoulder
  • Watching: my daughter Pandora and those dear girls
  • Playing: with...someone I love very much (who?)
  • Eating: pasta, cooked decently by myself
  • Drinking: Fiano di Avellino (nice Neapolitan white wine)


Pandora's Mamma!
Christmas Island
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